Experience and tradition for more than 130 years

After its foundation in the late 1880s by Friedrich Berninghausen and Gottfried Steinbrügge, the company recorded many good years – constant expansions and further developments were milestones in the long history of the company.
Despite two world wars, numerous economic crises and the structural changes in the German planing mill industry, the company has always remained consistent and profitable. In the process, it has reinvented itself time and again and created innovations under new conditions with established values.
Reliable values and tradition have always been at the forefront.
After many successful years, it was decided, in the course of the turn of the millennium, to divide the company’s competences between two dynamic companies. The era of Bremer Holzwerke GmbH began. Since then, the company has been looking to a promising future with Hanseatic tradition.
Product range and technological competencies are continuously expanded and advanced without losing sight of the proven corporate visions.
Over the past decades, we have recognized the aspect of sustainability within this vision and anchored it as a central feature both within the product range and within the team – now and for the future.